What is Heat of Passion M…

What is Heat of Passion Manslaughter? What is the Difference between First Degree Murder and Voluntary Manslaughter?

“Heat of passion” voluntary manslaughter in Philadelphia requires the jury to find that at the time of the killing, the defendant acted under a sudden and intense passion resulting from serious provocation. Passion in terms of voluntary manslaugh… Read More
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The Pennsylvania Post Con…

The Pennsylvania Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA): Claims to Raise in a PCRA Petition

Filing a Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petition is one of the options that you have after you are convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania. A PCRA lawyer in Philadelphia like Lauren Wimmer will be able to determine whether you are eligible for PCRA r… Read More
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Court 101: Terms and Phra…

Court 101: Terms and Phrases Every Defendant Should Know

Being charged with a crime in Philadelphia can make even the strongest of people feel as if their world is collapsing. Wimmer Criminal Defense, the preeminent criminal defense law firm in Philadelphia, has put together the below guide to help you bec… Read More
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Preliminary Hearings in M…

Preliminary Hearings in Magisterial District Courts and Philadelphia Municipal Court

What is a preliminary hearing? What can I expect at a preliminary hearing? Who will testify at a preliminary hearing? A Philadelphia preliminary hearing in the Philadelphia Municipal Court or a preliminary hearing at one of the Magisterial District C… Read More
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What is Considered to be…

What is Considered to be Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia

When would a person be accused of a criminal homicide or a third degree murder in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania? Homicides are divided into various categories which are associated the circumstances surrounding the events associated with the lo… Read More
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Facing Accusations of Fra…

Facing Accusations of Fraud in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s law enforcement and prosecutors have been more aggressively pursuing fraud charges and any allegation of theft by deception. If you are facing accusations of fraud in Philadelphia you need a proven, aggressive defense attorney will m… Read More
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Aggressive Weapons Charge…

Aggressive Weapons Charges Defense in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for aggressive prosecution on gun and weapon charges. If you are facing gun or weapons charges you need an aggressive weapons charges defense to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Weapons charges are often called … Read More
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What is Criminal Mischief…

What is Criminal Mischief?

What is criminal mischief and what is the penalty associated with this criminal charge in Philadelphia? Mischief is often used in a playful or positive sense, as in, “He has a mischievous personality,” or “she’s always up to some social misch… Read More
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Murder Charges Require a…

Murder Charges Require a Skilled Philadelphia Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love faces murder charges in Philadelphia it is important to contact Wimmer Criminal Defense immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. Murder charges require a skilled Philadelphia defense attorney in order to ensure… Read More
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Drug Trafficking and Inte…

Drug Trafficking and Intent to Deliver Charges in Philadelphia

Drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philadelphia carry much more serious consequences than other drug-related offenses. Law enforcement tends to make every attempt to file the most serious charges possible in these cases, even when the… Read More
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