Working with Lauren has been a blessing! My family and I are so thankful for her. If you or anyone you know is looking for a lawyer, pick Lauren Wimmer; I really can't say it enough! She is hardworking, fair and will get you the best possible outcome in your case because she never stops fighting for you. Most lawyers say they care but Lauren actually does. Thank you sincerely for everything.

– J.F., ★★★★★ Google Review

Have the upmost respect for this powerful woman and so glad that she was able to do something immediately that no other lawyer was willing to do, get her a bail hearing immediately! released on ROR after sitting in jail on state rd for 11 months no record and her bail was 500,000$ (50k)!! Miss Wimmer had her released in 72 hours.

– D.S., ★★★★★ Google Review

If you get in trouble, and need a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia PA, you would be a fool not to contact Lauren Wimmer esquire. She is one of the best attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My son got in trouble in school. She was available at all times. She Knew the law cold. She was pleasant. She was affordable. She was, simply put, amazing. If you are looking for representation, choosing Lauren Wimmer is a MUST!!!

– J.L., ★★★★★ Google Review

My mother obtained Lauren Wimmer to represent me in an assault case in 2017 after I was detained for 3 days. The assault charge was against my ex-husband who's a police officer. My mother told me she reached out to several other attorneys but no one would return her call, this was during holy week 2017, however she stated when she called Lauren she answered right away, long story short, Lauren was able to get me a court date during this holiday week, which my social worker at the woman correctional facility told me would be impossible, that it would take at least 30 days for a court date. After spending 7 days in the correctional facility we went to court and Lauren proved beyond a reasonable doubt that my ex husband was lying I was released from the facility immediately. When we went to court my ex got so caught up on the stand with lauren questioning he withdrew the charges. Lauren also represented in my violation of probation case, she went in front of the Judge and pleaded my case and the violation of probation charge was dismissed as well as probation from a previous case. Last but not least I contacted lauren in April 2021 regarding documents I needed for a job to prove my case was dismissed Lauren went out of her way to attempt to get those documents for me, she was unsuccessful obtaining the documents, however she did direct me to the proper channel to obtain the documentation. In my opinion Lauren Wimmer is a woman of her word, very empathetic, friendly and most of all professional. If you need a good attorney I would recommend Lauren Wimmer to anyone.

– C.S., ★★★★★ Google Review

Ms.Wimmer is awesome, genuine, and very honest. I came to her in May 2021 facing several felony charges that could of ruined my life. Came August 2021 all charges were dismissed. I'm so happy I chose Ms. Wimmer because I honestly was lost and didn't know what to do. She gave me reassurance and confidence.

– N.S., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lucky to have stumbled upon Lauren's website in search of a lawyer after another lawyer cancelled on me. Funny how things work out. I was in a bind and she really went above and beyond for me. She and her office were always amazing and always there for me when I needed something. Unlike the others I consulted with, she's more concerned about my rights and what she can do to help. Simply put, she's a cool, confident professional who'll get the work done. Couldn't be happier with my representation. Thank you, Lauren!!!!

– R.M., ★★★★★ Google Review

Attorney Wimmer did an amazing job helping my aunt. She is extremely responsive and reliable. Accommodating and professional. If you’re looking for someone that will actually care about your case, choose her. Amazing attorney!!

– P.K., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lauren Wimmer is the best, I was stopped in "New Jersey" with my registered permit, from Philly, and got hit with all kind of charges, and this was my first offense, me having no clue of what to do, I looked up Lauren, and boy was I happy I did, from the time I called her office, to the time we met Lauren made me feel very at ease, I told her what they were trying to do, I was looking at a 3-5 years, if they had it there way, but Lauren went into the court room with a "Iron Fist"..!! And had my back every step of the way..!! I went from looking at 3-5 to doing a 6 months program "No Jail Time" and no Record..!! And if it was not for Lauren Wimmer, I would have not been able to write this review or have not been home for the birth of my first child!! Lauren Wimmer I can't thank you enough..!!!

– H., ★★★★★ Google Review

Selecting the right criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions of your life… I contacted Lauren on behalf of a friend who needed an experienced criminal defense attorney to take over a case that a court appointed attorney had completely dropped the ball on. The client’s family had consulted with several other attorneys who wouldn’t even consider looking at the case unless they received a $25,000 non-refundable retainer fee, which was more than the client or his family could afford. Lauren was in court when I called, but she called back almost immediately and offered to meet with the client and review his case. Lauren took the case and filed several motions to have the evidence against the client thrown out. Lauren is extremely caring and highly skilled. She has great instincts and works around the clock - CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND LAUREN!

– J.R., ★★★★★ Google Review

She’s the best I ever dealt with! She will fight for you & always offers a solution. I was facing some serious charges & thanks to her not anymore! She’s very responsive, professional, caring, & always answers all my questions beyond what i expected. Thanks Wimmer criminal defense!

– C.C., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lauren, has helped me get my life back. I had out of state issues, tickets,old warrents. She has been professional and knowleadgable thru this whole process. She handled everything from another state. She has been beyond fair in her cost for services. I am forever greatfull for her services.

– C.M., ★★★★★ Google Review

From day one Lauren will fight for you. She is so caring and loves what she does. I never had to worry when I knew she was in my corner. I would highly recommend she got me out of some serious charges!

– D.D., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lauren was awesome, helpful and put me at ease during a very stressful period. I was most impressed with the way she was able to creatively transform the situation, satisfy both sides of the defense, while getting the charges erased.

– V.T., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lauren is exactly what a defense attorney should be --thoughtful, prepared, knowledgeable, professional and always striving to achieve her clients' best possible outcome (and that's typically what she delivers).

– O.M., ★★★★★ Google Review

She is great, she stepped in and helped my brother as soon as she reviewed his case. She showed up to his court date and immediately start working to overturn a judge's decision. She has been a blessing to our family and our brother. She passionate and caring, she is not just all about money, she acually cares about her clients.

– B.F., ★★★★★ Google Review

Lauren WIMMER at this firm was ABSOLUTELY the EPIDOMY of AWESOME!!!!! I can't even fully describe in words my gratitude for the successive work performed for me. Because of my work schedule, I'd never even gotten a chance to meet the team in person for anything, yet I was sooooooo safe and taken care of... Text, email, and phone communication fully sufficed.... I randomly searched Google and went with this team because pricing and ratings we're undeniable... Only to randomly see their South St. Storefront prime Realestate location ... Standout of all other retailers around, this attorney option is pulling no stops!!!!!! Darn I'm so happy and pleased with these guys.... MAAAANNNNYYYYYYY!!!!! ARE AND WILL BE AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– R.B.T., ★★★★★ Google Review

Caring, talented, professional, determined. Even Though she did a good job, the system that "illegally charged me to more time then the law allowed" shows bias and a corrupt system that cost me $4500 for a year off of a sentence I should have never received in the first place. Thank you for you help Laura Wimmer.

– N.D., ★★★★★ Google Review

The most Pleasant experience. Easy and Comfortable feeling. I highly recommend this Law Firm. Ethical environmental here! Update! My case was dismissed. All charges withdrawn from the DA. Thanks again.

– Past Client, ★★★★★ Google Review

First Class. Lauren Wimmer will work for YOU!!! Relentless in her defense. The BEST criminal defense lawyer in PA!

– S.G., ★★★★★ Google Review

Miss Wimmer is the female Johnnie Cochran. My jury loved her. Not guilty!!!

– E.H., ★★★★★ Google Review

Best Attorney in the Philadelphia area! Always there to answer any questions and she really works for you!

– A.F., ★★★★★ Google Review

She was very aware of what was needed and got it done. I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

– C.L., ★★★★★ Google Review

We had the perfect outcome from an unfortunate situation and I would highly recommend this firm and Lauren Wimmer.

– S.F., ★★★★★ Google Review

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