New Jersey Pretrial Inter…

New Jersey Pretrial Intervention Program

The Pretrial Intervention Program, commonly referred to by the courts as PTI, is a program that is voluntarily entered into by a defendant after he or she completes an application and in-person interview. Whether a defendant is eligible for the pretr… Read More
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Kidnapping is a Serious C…

Kidnapping is a Serious Crime in Philadelphia

Kidnapping is a serious crime in Philadelphia and prosecutors will seek severe consequences for those convicted of kidnapping. Kidnapping is often misunderstood as an armed assault to take someone against their will and hold them for ransom. In many… Read More
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What is Considered to be…

What is Considered to be Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia

When would a person be accused of a criminal homicide or a third degree murder in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania? Homicides are divided into various categories which are associated the circumstances surrounding the events associated with the lo… Read More
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Defending Simple Assault…

Defending Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault in Philadelphia

Defending simple assault or aggravated assault in Philadelphia requires a skilled and experienced defense attorney. Lauren Wimmer aggressively defends those charged with assault in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Assault is one of the most common… Read More
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Murder Charges Require a…

Murder Charges Require a Skilled Philadelphia Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love faces murder charges in Philadelphia it is important to contact Wimmer Criminal Defense immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. Murder charges require a skilled Philadelphia defense attorney in order to ensure… Read More
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If You are a Suspect in a…

If You are a Suspect in a Murder or Homicide in Philadelphia You Need a Strong Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you a suspect in a murder or homicide in Philadelphia? Are you under investigation by police or detectives? You need to contact attorney Lauren Wimmer before speaking with law enforcement. Detectives investigating a homicide rely upon interviews… Read More
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