What is Considered to be Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia

What is Considered to be…

When would a person be accused of a criminal homicide or a third degree murder in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania? Homicides are divided into various categories which are associated the circumstances surrounding the events associated with the loss of life. Sentencing guidelines and consequences reflect the nature and severity of the murder itself. In a first degree murder the prosecution must show premeditation or the “specific intent” to kill the victim. Second degree murder is usually charged when a homicide occurs during the commission of a felony. When a homicide is not premeditated and does not occur during a felony, the prosecutor will often attempt to charge the defendant with third degree murder in Philadelphia homicide cases.

Third degree murder carries more serious consequences than voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter charges. It is therefore often used as a fall back position when the prosecution has a weak case or when the facts don’t fit the specifications of a more serious murder charge. Third degree murder is defined in the Crimes Code as “all other kinds of murder” other than first or second degree murder. It is a killing done with legal malice, but without the specific intent to kill.

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