Potential Defenses in a N…

Potential Defenses in a New Jersey Homicide Case

Criminal homicide charges are some of the most serious criminal charges you can face. Whether charged with murder, manslaughter, or death by auto, these charges carry serious time in prison and heavy fines if convicted. In addition, a conviction is l… Read More
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Experienced Homicide Defe…

Experienced Homicide Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia

Are you looking for an experienced homicide defense lawyer in Philadelphia? Lauren Wimmer worked with the Judges in Philadelphia’s homicide court before becoming a defense attorney. This experience provides unique insight into the types of argument… Read More
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What is Considered to be…

What is Considered to be Third Degree Murder in Philadelphia

When would a person be accused of a criminal homicide or a third degree murder in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania? Homicides are divided into various categories which are associated the circumstances surrounding the events associated with the lo… Read More
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A Homicide Which Occurs D…

A Homicide Which Occurs During a Felony is Considered to be a Second Degree Murder

A homicide which occurs during a felony will almost always result in criminal homicide charges of second degree murder. A person accused of second degree murder may not have planned to commit a homicide during the commission of a felony such as robbe… Read More
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Defending First Degree Mu…

Defending First Degree Murder Charges in Philadelphia

Defending first degree murder charges in Philadelphia requires an experienced criminal defense attorney with insight into the most effective arguments in these cases. First degree murder requires the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the… Read More
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Looking for an Effective…

Looking for an Effective Philadelphia Homicide Lawyer

Are you looking for an effective Philadelphia homicide lawyer who can make a difference in your case? Philadelphia homicide charges carry harsh sentences which result in long prison sentences, often without the opportunity for parole. There are many… Read More
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A Philadelphia Murder Att…

A Philadelphia Murder Attorney with Insight into Effective Defense

Are you looking for a Philadelphia murder attorney with insight into effective defense strategies? Lauren Wimmer is an aggressive Philadelphia murder defense attorney who served as a clerk in the Philadelphia Homicide Court before becoming a criminal… Read More
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If You are a Suspect in a…

If You are a Suspect in a Murder or Homicide in Philadelphia You Need a Strong Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you a suspect in a murder or homicide in Philadelphia? Are you under investigation by police or detectives? You need to contact attorney Lauren Wimmer before speaking with law enforcement. Detectives investigating a homicide rely upon interviews… Read More
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