Criminal Defense Referrals in Philadelphia

At Wimmer Criminal Defense, we welcome criminal defense referrals from attorneys in the Philadelphia area as well as from out-of-state. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing high-quality, aggressive criminal defense representation. We can diligently and strategically handle a broad array of serious criminal defense matters. Our approach to the law is based on the founding principle that all individuals should be able to secure skilled, motivated, and strategic criminal defense counsel. Our attorneys understand that, to the accused, no criminal charge is a small matter.

We recognize that our legal colleagues may either not have the time available for a particular matter or be in a geography that is not convenient to travel from. Therefore, we are always open to discuss one-time and ongoing referral relationships.

For which types of criminal defense matters do we accept criminal defense referrals?

Lauren Wimmer accepts criminal defense referrals and clients engaged in a broad array of criminal defense matters. The attorneys of Wimmer Criminal Defense’s legal team can defend clients facing charges including:

Our attorneys fight aggressively and strategically for our clients. We can explore plea deals, but we believe in taking a matter all the way to trial if a plea would not serve the best interests of our clients.

In addition to trying criminal defense matters, we can also provide representation during the latter phases of proceedings, such as post-conviction sentencing matters. Our legal team is also equipped to handle direct or indirect appeals in the Pennsylvania courts.

What terms apply when we accept criminal defense referrals from another attorney?

At Wimmer Criminal Defense, we are proud to accept criminal defense referrals from other attorneys. We believe that referred matters should be beneficial to all parties. While the exact terms of a referral agreement will vary based on the unique facts and circumstances, referral agreements between our law firm and a referring attorney are drafted to be lucrative and beneficial to both firms. Simultaneously, your firm can build a reputation for putting criminal defendants in contact with diligent and strategic local criminal defense counsel.

Furthermore, we also recognize the legal and ethical duties that apply to both the referring and representing attorneys. Our practice of law is sensitive to these concerns. We work diligently to meet all ethical and legal standards throughout our representation of a client.

Be Confident in Letting Us Handle Your Referred Matter

If you are seeking local counsel to handle any phase of criminal matter, please feel free to call our law firm. To discuss terms of a mutually beneficial referral agreement with an attorney from the firm, call today.

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