Facing Accusations of Fraud in Philadelphia

Facing Accusations of Fra…

Philadelphia’s law enforcement and prosecutors have been more aggressively pursuing fraud charges and any allegation of theft by deception. If you are facing accusations of fraud in Philadelphia you need a proven, aggressive defense attorney will mount a successful defense and work to keep you out of prison.

Theft offenses can be quite serious in and of themselves. When you add the element of deception or the intention to defraud another party the consequences become even more severe. There are many forms of fraud associated with transactions between individuals or those which occur in a business setting. In some cases, accusations of fraud in Philadelphia arise out of an attempt to falsify documentation or records in an attempt to gain some type of insurance or government related benefit. Providing false information on a credit application or using a credit line or credit card which is not your own can result in fraud charges.

In a business setting, fraud allegations can be the result of embezzlement or changing invoices to conceal the genuine nature of transactions involving goods or services. A business person may be accused of misrepresentation to entice another party to enter into a contract. The common theme in any fraud related criminal charge is the presence of deceit or some other misrepresentation in order to receive money, property or other benefits.

Anyone facing allegations of fraud in Philadelphia is exposed to severe consequences including restitution, fines and/or a state prison sentence. When the accused is a licensed professional, such as an account, financial professional or attorney the consequences are increased. Violation of a fiduciary duty is a serious matter, and a conviction of a character related crime such as fraud will result in disciplinary action by the controlling professional organization including expulsion or the loss of a license.

There are several potential affirmative defenses which Wimmer Criminal Defense may raise, and we can discuss many strategies to reduce the severity of the impact in your unique circumstances. We invite you to read our client’s reviews and contact us or call 215-712-1212 for a free consultation.