Property Offenses

Arson Defense

Arson is aggressively prosecuted due to the potential to destroy buildings and kill occupants. An arson conviction may include harsh penalties such as a lengthy prison sentence. If you are facing arson allegations, criminal defense attorney Lauren Wi… Read More

Burglary and Trespassing Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with burglary in Philadelphia, you need immediate legal help from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled burglary cases. Lauren Wimmer brings cutting-edge defense strategies and a sop… Read More

Criminal Mischief and Vandalism

Criminal mischief and vandalism are both crimes that deal with the destruction of property. Often, criminal mischief and vandalism are charged to punish people who “tag” buildings and objects with graffiti. Criminal mischief is also charged in an… Read More


Many people believe that robbery and theft are simply different terms for the same crime. There are significant legal differences in the way robbery and theft offenses are defined and how they are punished. Pennsylvania prosecutors often push for har… Read More