Drug Trafficking and Intent to Deliver Charges in Philadelphia

Drug Trafficking and Inte…

Drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philadelphia carry much more serious consequences than other drug-related offenses. Law enforcement tends to make every attempt to file the most serious charges possible in these cases, even when the evidence or circumstances may not seem to warrant them. There is a lot I can do to protect those who face drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philly.

The burden of proof on law enforcement in these cases is much higher, and I fight them at every step of the way. Even if a person is caught with a large quantity of drugs, cash and paraphernalia it does not legally follow that their intent was to deliver the drugs. There is no quantity of drugs which automatically establishes the intent to deliver threshold. The police will attempt to link other evidence such as scales, firearms, cash and electronic evidence such as texts and emails to their case.

Charging a person based upon these facts is one thing. Proving the intent to deliver before a judge and jury is quite another. As an officer of the court, I have access to the prosecution that a defendant will not have on their own. I am able to challenge every step of the process from the charges you face to the admission of evidence to be used against you. Many cases provide the opportunity to seek outright acquittal based upon entrapment or challenging evidence. In every case I work to reduce the charges you actually face resulting in much less severe consequences.

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philadelphia contact us or call Wimmer Criminal defense for a free consultation at (215) 712-1212. We will discuss your case and the circumstances surrounding the evidence in complete confidence and I will work aggressively to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.