Why should you consider attorney Lauren Wimmer as your Philadelphia criminal defense attorney?  There are countless law firms throughout the Philadelphia area that handle criminal cases. They may claim to be the best or say that they are the most experienced. Choosing a firm or an attorney to represent you is a difficult task. At Wimmer Criminal Defense, we know that you have many choices in criminal defense representation. We ask you to choose us.

Our representation is exactly like our website. Straightforward. We do not make false guarantees or empty promises to our clients. When you face a run-in with the law, you need a reliable, trustworthy criminal defense attorney who gets you the right result. We are the premier Philadelphia criminal defense firm and the ONLY “get out of jail card” you need. At Wimmer Criminal Defense, we ensure that you are given the undivided attention you deserve from start to finish. Maintaining your freedom by preventing a criminal conviction is of the utmost importance; Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Lauren Wimmer will work tirelessly to secure the best possible result for your unique case.

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Lauren A. Wimmer

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Attorney Lauren A. Wimmer represents individuals in both state and federal court with charges ranging from felony crimes like murder, aggravated assault, and possession with intent to deliver to misdemeanor drug charges and summary offenses. Read More
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