Murder Charges Require a Skilled Philadelphia Defense Attorney

Murder Charges Require a…

If you or someone you love faces murder charges in Philadelphia it is important to contact Wimmer Criminal Defense immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. Murder charges require a skilled Philadelphia defense attorney in order to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, Lauren Wimmer served as a clerk for a Philadelphia homicide judge. She knows the successful murder defense strategies which can save your life or reduce the consequences you may ultimately face.

Defending murder offenses requires extensive legal skill and expertise. Those who face murder or homicide-related charges not only face severe consequences, but some of the most experienced and aggressive Philadelphia prosecutors. Lauren Wimmer will challenge the prosecution at every step. She reviews all discoverable physical and medical evidence, the statements of any witnesses, as well as the actions of the police and law enforcement investigators.

Murder cases are legally quite complex. An effective murder defense focuses upon not only the physical evidence and processing of the crime scene, it involves psychological issues regarding motive and the application of Pennsylvania law. Wimmer Criminal Defense Law recognizes holes in the prosecution’s case and associated evidence and aggressively advocates for a reduction in the charges or a dismissal of the case. If the prosecution is intent on a trial, the legal burden upon them is the highest legal bar under Pennsylvania law – “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

When appropriate, we work with external experts to refute the evidence and supposed “facts” in the case. We challenge the prosecutor’s theories and assertions of what actually took place. Murder charges require a skilled Philadelphia defense attorney and Lauren Wimmer has the experience in Philadelphia’s homicide courts and the legal expertise to aggressively defend and protect your interests. Contact us or call for a free consultation at (215) 712-1212 and learn how Wimmer Criminal Defense Law will make a difference in your case and your life.