Civil Rights

Prisoner Civil Rights Litigation

Prison abuse and mistreatment of inmates is a grave matter that undermines our country’s core values. Unfortunately, many prisoners are afraid to speak out due to fear of retaliation. If you’re being tormented while serving out your sentence, you… Read More

Excessive Force

Helping Victims of Excessive Force by Philadelphia Police Officers Police officers are permitted to use a reasonable amount of force when they are exercising their police duties. However, most people know that police officers don’t always abide by… Read More

Section 1983

Standing Up For Clients in Philadelphia Who Suffered Civil Rights Violations Section 1983 of the United States Code is a federal law that allows a private citizen to sue a police officer, police department, or another governmental entity or official… Read More

Police Brutality

Representing Victims of Police Brutality in the Greater Philadelphia Region Police brutality is a general term that refers to misuse of power by members of the police force that ultimately harms members of the general public. This misuse of power oft… Read More

Malicious Prosecution

Protecting the rights of those wrongfully accused in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding states requires knowledge of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. At Wimmer Criminal Defense, PC, attorney Lauren A. Wimmer has consistentl… Read More

Civil Rights FAQs

Understanding Your Rights Against Wrongful Police Conduct In the police context, civil rights violations can take many different forms. A police officer may violate your rights by using excessive force or brutal police tactics. A cop may also falsely… Read More