Drug Trafficking and Inte…

Drug Trafficking and Intent to Deliver Charges in Philadelphia

Drug trafficking and intent to deliver charges in Philadelphia carry much more serious consequences than other drug-related offenses. Law enforcement tends to make every attempt to file the most serious charges possible in these cases, even when the… Read More
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Shoplifting in Philadelph…

Shoplifting in Philadelphia Can Result in a Long Term Criminal Record

Most people don’t understand shoplifting in Philadelphia can result in a long term criminal record. If you have been accused of shoplifting legally known as “retail theft” in Philadelphia you are in all likelihood facing misdemeanor theft c… Read More
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How About a Little Hope f…

How About a Little Hope for a Monday Morning?  Criminal Charges Are Not a Game Ender

Criminal charges are not a game ender in Philadelphia. If you are facing criminal charges because of a DUI or fight or some other event that happened this weekend you may be really worried about what is going to happen to you and how much it’s goin… Read More
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