Kidnapping is a Serious Crime in Philadelphia

Kidnapping is a Serious C…

Kidnapping is a serious crime in Philadelphia and prosecutors will seek severe consequences for those convicted of kidnapping. Kidnapping is often misunderstood as an armed assault to take someone against their will and hold them for ransom. In many cases, kidnapping occurs when a parent of a child takes the child out of the area without legal custody or attempts to conceal their location from the other parent. In other cases, the alleged behavior is associated with political motivations, such as interfering with the actions or functions of a public official. It can involve allegations of luring a child or unlawful restraint.

In any case, kidnapping is a serious crime in Philadelphia which is charged in cases where one person took another a significant distance from where they were or confined them in an isolated place for an extended period of time. In addition, the intention behind the kidnapping must be proven to include the intention to terrorize the victim of the kidnapping or another person, to use the victim as a shield or hostage, to seek a reward or ransom or to make it easier to commit or flee from a felony.

Lauren Wimmer has the experience and legal skill to mount an aggressive kidnapping defense in Philadelphia. She works to weaken the prosecution’s case and reduce the charges and consequences you actually face. She thoroughly investigates all physical evidence, the actions of law enforcement and the testimony of witnesses. Through effective strategies, arguments and cross-examination she works to place doubt into the alleged intentions of her client. Kidnapping case are quite legally complex and carry penalties which are only exceeded by the consequences associated with murder.

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