Fighting Assault Charges in Philadelphia

Fighting Assault Charges…

It is not unusual for a person to find themselves fighting assault charges in Philadelphia after a situation has gotten out of hand. It may have started as a bar fight or confrontation where punches are thrown. There may have been an argument which quickly escalated. Even a simple threat to seriously injure another can result in having to face serious assault charges which carry severe consequences.

If you are facing a simple assault charge, aggravated assault charge, or terroristic threat charge in Philadelphia, you need the aggressive representation of Wimmer Criminal Defense. Lauren Wimmer fights for you at every step in the process, seeking the dismissal of your case or at least a substantial reduction in the charges and consequences you will face.

In many cases law enforcement may attempt to add elements such as “serious bodily injury” and the use of a firearm or other weapon to enhance the charges against you and the resulting consequences. Pennsylvania law provides crucial differentiation between the presence of a firearm or weapon and the circumstances surrounding its presence in the confrontation. The simple presence of a gun or weapon does not on the surface justify aggravated assault charges.

Assault cases always have many facets which are vitally important from a legal perspective. If there was a fight, did the combatants mutually agree to the fight? Does a cut on the face or a black eye justify serious bodily injury? As your attorney, I aggressively stand up for you at every step in the process. I work to reduce the evidence which can be introduced in your case. I work to gain a reduction in the actual charges and the degree of assault you may face and the associated consequences. This can eliminate or substantially reduce the risk of jail time and save you a substantial amount in fines and costs.

If you are fighting assault charges in Philadelphia I invite you to contact Wimmer Criminal Defense or call for a free consultation at (215) 712-1212. Learn how I can help to reduce the charges against you as well as the consequences of your case.