Trump supporters who brought guns near the 2020 Philly vote count avoid jail

Trump supporters who brou…

Philadelphia gun lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer successfully defended a client arrested for gun charges under the Uniform Firearms Act. At the preliminary hearing, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office added offenses related to election tampering. Her client was open-carrying a gun in Philadelphia at the time he was arrested, something that is illegal unless you have a Philadelphia license to carry a firearm. The client was found not guilty of the election offenses. You can read coverage from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

Attorney Wimmer secured a sentence that prevented her client from going to jail for the gun charges. The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office asked the judge to sentence him to a state sentence of 3 to 6 years incarceration. Through mitigation and successful argument, her client was sentenced to 11.5 to 23 months with immediate parole, meaning he will never step foot inside a Philadelphia jail cell.

If you have been arrested in Philadelphia, you need an aggressive trial lawyer with experience handling gun charges on your side. If you need a Philadelphia gun lawyer, Contact Wimmer Criminal Defense for a consultation today at (215) 712-1212.

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