Criminal Defense


Being arrested and facing assault charges can be a stressful experience. Potential penalties are severe and include jail time, fines, and/or probation. If you or one of your family members has been charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, or… Read More

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is a serious offense in Pennsylvania. If you are convicted of disorderly conduct, you may be subject to fines and/or incarceration. You will also receive a criminal record, which can create long-lasting, burdensome obstacles when y… Read More

Drug Offenses

Drug Possession Defense

Police take drug possession very seriously. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is constantly approving criminal charges against people for drug possession in the City. Whether you were caught with marijuana, pills, cocaine, heroin, meth, o… Read More

Drug Manufacturing Defense

Wimmer Criminal Defense represents those who face drug manufacturing charges in Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s drug laws are contained within the Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device, and Cosmetic Act. This act criminalizes t… Read More

Drug Trafficking and Intent to Deliver

Charges associated with drug sales and drug trafficking are much more severe than other drug-related crimes in Pennsylvania. With a higher punishment comes a higher proof requirement for the police and prosecutors. Sometimes, there are serious flaws… Read More

DUI Defense

In Pennsylvania, the rules regarding driving under the influence (DUI) are strict and those arrested need an aggressive and experienced DUI defense attorney. The evidence is sometimes vague and relies upon police testimony, lab results (which may be… Read More


If you or one of your family members was arrested and charged with stalking or harassment in Philadelphia, you urgently need legal help from an experienced harassment and stalking defense attorney. If you or your loved one is convicted of either offe… Read More

Juvenile Offenses

In Pennsylvania, the “Juvenile Justice System” works very differently than the criminal justice system for adults. While juvenile offenses are quite serious and carry potentially harsh consequences if anyone under the age of 18 is charged with a… Read More

Kidnapping Defense

Kidnapping is among the most serious crimes a person can be charged with in Pennsylvania, and it is important to retain an experienced and aggressive kidnapping defense attorney. A kidnapping conviction can result in decades of prison time, tens of t… Read More

Murder/Manslaughter Defense

Murder and manslaughter defense requires experience and legal expertise. When you are charged with taking another person’s life, you face some of the most serious legal consequences that exist in Pennsylvania. Due to the severity of the act, people… Read More

Third Degree Murder Charges

Philadelphia Murder and Homicide Lawyer Third degree murder charges are usually applied to homicides which are not premeditated and those which are not associated with the commission of a felony. Third degree murder is charged when the prosecution as… Read More

Second Degree Murder Charges

Philadelphia Homicide and Murder Defense Attorney Second degree murder charges are considered when a homicide occurs during the commission of a felony. The penalty associated with second degree murder in Pennsylvania is almost always life in prison.… Read More

First Degree Murder Charges

What Constitutes First Degree Murder Under Pennsylvania Law? First degree murder in Pennsylvania requires the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a person acted with “specific intent to kill” and deliberately caused the loss of another… Read More

Criminal Homicide Offenses

Criminal homicide in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania is a very serious group of offenses which carry harsh sentences. Criminal homicide charges are brought whenever a person is suspected of the knowing, intentional, reckless or negligent act of… Read More

Voluntary Manslaughter

Philadelphia Homicide and Manslaughter Attorney Pennsylvania law looks at an accidental death or homicide in the heat of the moment or passion without intent to kill differently than murder. The laws of our Commonwealth define voluntary manslaughter… Read More

Involuntary Manslaughter

Philadelphia Homicide and Involuntary Manslaughter Lawyer The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania defines involuntary manslaughter as the act of taking a life as the direct result of a lawful or unlawful act in a reckless or grossly negligent manner. The pr… Read More

Organized Crime

Defending Against a Variety of Federal Organized Crime Charges While many people are familiar with the idea of organized crime from the movies, they may not realize that, in reality, this is a very real and very serious federal criminal matter. Charg… Read More

Probation Offenses

Probation is an alternative to incarceration and is often the best possible outcome in a case. Unfortunately, the probation system is complicated and can often impose unreasonable burdens on people who are struggling to get their lives back on the ri… Read More

Property Offenses

Arson Defense

Arson is aggressively prosecuted due to the potential to destroy buildings and kill occupants. An arson conviction may include harsh penalties such as a lengthy prison sentence. If you are facing arson allegations, criminal defense attorney Lauren Wi… Read More

Burglary and Trespassing Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with burglary in Philadelphia, you need immediate legal help from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled burglary cases. Lauren Wimmer brings cutting-edge defense strategies and a sop… Read More

Criminal Mischief and Vandalism

Criminal mischief and vandalism are both crimes that deal with the destruction of property. Often, criminal mischief and vandalism are charged to punish people who “tag” buildings and objects with graffiti. Criminal mischief is also charged in an… Read More


Many people believe that robbery and theft are simply different terms for the same crime. There are significant legal differences in the way robbery and theft offenses are defined and how they are punished. Pennsylvania prosecutors often push for har… Read More

Resisting Arrest

Being charged with resisting arrest in Philadelphia has the potential to result in extremely serious penalties. Further, it is very common for people who have been charged with resisting arrest to also be charged with additional crimes, making the de… Read More

Terroristic Threats

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to threaten to harm other people. This is known as making “terroristic threats.” The term is somewhat misleading since any mention of the phrase “terrorism” sounds like it applies to a specific scenario – but… Read More

Gun Possession Defense

Despite having relatively lenient gun laws, Pennsylvania still takes a tough approach to prosecuting crimes involving gun possession or other weapons, particularly in Philadelphia. Throughout the city, there are stricter restrictions on firearms than… Read More

White Collar Crime

Some of the most serious criminal charges you can face are federal white collar crimes. White collar crimes can carry heavy penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. Just being charged can do irreparable harm to you and your fami… Read More

Identity Theft Defense

Identity theft charges are a type of white collar crime that is becoming increasing more common in our digitally connected world. However, due to the nature of identity theft crimes, it can be difficult to determine exactly which party is responsible… Read More

Fraud Defense

Police and prosecutors in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania have been cracking down on charges related to fraud and all types of theft through deception in recent years. Depending on the severity and nature of the fraud, a prison sentence may… Read More

New Jersey Criminal Defense

Sentencing Representation

When you’ve been charged with a crime, your main focus is on avoiding conviction. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible in every case. If you are convicted, the sentencing phase of your case is critical. Criminal convictions in New Jersey car… Read More

Pre-Charge Representation

What do you do if you’re being investigated for a crime but haven’t yet been charged? Should you wait to hire an attorney until you have been indicted? Hiring an attorney before you’ve been charged may not be absolutely necessary, but getting a… Read More

Criminal Appeals

Nothing is more crushing than being found guilty of a crime. It can feel overwhelming to suddenly be facing life branded as a convicted criminal. However, it’s important to realize that there may still be hope. A better outcome may be quite difficu… Read More

Felony Offenses

Serious crimes carry serious consequences. If you’ve been charged with a crime, the first thing you need to understand is that the prosecution is not on your side. Our criminal justice system is designed to be adversarial, meaning that they want a… Read More


One of the very first steps in the criminal justice process is the arraignment. If it’s the first time you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re already overwhelmed, and an arraignment can seem intimidating. Although once you understand what it… Read More

Indictable Offenses

Being charged with a serious crime can be overwhelming for most people, especially when facing the possibility of spending years in state prison. Nevertheless, there is hope, but you need someone on your side fighting for your rights. You deserve a f… Read More

Disorderly Persons

Many of the people who are charged with crimes didn’t set out to commit a crime – it may have been a momentary lapse in judgment, a misunderstanding, or a simple mistake. This is particularly the case with minor offenses, which make up the vast m… Read More

Petty Disorderly Persons Offense

People are often surprised to find themselves charged with a crime for a minor offense – they had no intention of committing a crime or didn’t even realize that what they were doing was illegal. And even though they are called “minor offenses"… Read More

Gun Defense

New Jersey has some of the strictest and most complicated gun laws in the country. You can be charged with a crime simply for possessing a firearm even if you weren’t doing anything wrong. In addition, a firearms charge can carry serious consequenc… Read More

Homicide Defense

Homicide charges are some of the most serious criminal charges you can face and carry some of the harshest consequences. In addition, homicide cases are prosecuted aggressively, and prosecutors will bring a tremendous amount of pressure to persuade y… Read More

Federal Crimes

Federal Drug Trafficking

Aggressively Defending Against Federal Drug Trafficking Charges The federal government takes all unlawful drug-related activity very seriously. The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 governs federal drug crimes, and Title II… Read More

Federal Conspiracy to Distribute

Helping Those Facing Federal Conspiracy to Distribute Charges Assert a Good Legal Defense in Court It is not necessary that you be found with illegal drugs in your possession to be charged with federal drug conspiracy in Philadelphia. If you took any… Read More

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud

Protecting the Rights of Clients Facing Federal Mail or Wire Fraud Charges When an alleged fraud crime involve the United States Postal Service (USPS), a private interstate mail carrier, or any type of electronic communication, federal prosecutors ca… Read More

Federal Methamphetamine Manufacturing

Offering a Skilled Legal Defense to Philadelphians Charged with Methamphetamine Manufacturing Methamphetamines, which are sometimes also referred to as “crystal meth” or simply as “meth,” are powerful drugs with extremely addicting qualities.… Read More

Federal Money Laundering

Protecting the Rights of Individuals Accused of Money Laundering Pursuant to the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, it is a federal crime to knowingly engage in a financial transaction with the intention of concealing the proceeds of illegal activ… Read More

Civil Rights

Prisoner Civil Rights Litigation

Prison abuse and mistreatment of inmates is a grave matter that undermines our country’s core values. Unfortunately, many prisoners are afraid to speak out due to fear of retaliation. If you’re being tormented while serving out your sentence, you… Read More

Excessive Force

Helping Victims of Excessive Force by Philadelphia Police Officers Police officers are permitted to use a reasonable amount of force when they are exercising their police duties. However, most people know that police officers don’t always abide by… Read More

Section 1983

Standing Up For Clients in Philadelphia Who Suffered Civil Rights Violations Section 1983 of the United States Code is a federal law that allows a private citizen to sue a police officer, police department, or another governmental entity or official… Read More

Police Brutality

Representing Victims of Police Brutality in the Greater Philadelphia Region Police brutality is a general term that refers to misuse of power by members of the police force that ultimately harms members of the general public. This misuse of power oft… Read More

Malicious Prosecution

Protecting the rights of those wrongfully accused in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding states requires knowledge of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. At Wimmer Criminal Defense, PC, attorney Lauren A. Wimmer has consistentl… Read More

Civil Rights FAQs

Understanding Your Rights Against Wrongful Police Conduct In the police context, civil rights violations can take many different forms. A police officer may violate your rights by using excessive force or brutal police tactics. A cop may also falsely… Read More


Death Penalty Sentencing Mitigation

How can Wimmer Criminal Defense provide valuable service and representation for death penalty sentencing mitigation for you or your loved one? If you or someone you love have been sentenced to a penalty of a death due to a conviction for serious crim… Read More

Federal Sentencing Proceedings

A criminal defense attorney’s primary objective is to either get the charges dismissed or get an acquittal. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option in every case, and despite your attorney’s best efforts, you are convicted of a crime. At that point… Read More

Post-Conviction Relief Act

A lawyer can seek relief for a convicted individual through Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). PCRA provides an indirect method of appeal separate and apart from a direct appeal which could proceed from the Pennsylvania Court of Comm… Read More

State Sentencing Proceedings

If you have been convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, you need an experienced post-conviction sentencing proceeding attorney at the important hearing which will determine the exact penalty you face. Working with a criminal defense lawyer throughout… Read More