Philadelphia Shoplifting or "Retail Theft" Charges

Philadelphia Shoplifting…

If you have been accused of shoplifting legally known as “retail theft” in Philadelphia you are in all likelihood facing misdemeanor theft charges. If the value of the goods allegedly taken exceed $2,100, involve a vehicle or firearm, or this isn’t your first or second offense, you will face more serious felony charges.

It is important that you understand you have the right to remain silent. Do not speak to the loss prevention representative at the store. Follow the instructions of the arresting officer but do not talk about anything that happened or profess your innocence.

When you are being questioned simply tell them “I want to speak to my lawyer,” and call me immediately for a free consultation at 215-712-1212.

Can I Go To Jail For Retail Theft?

While shoplifting or retail theft is one of the most common crimes throughout Pennsylvania, many people simply don’t take shoplifting charges very seriously. I can tell you retail theft charges will have a significant impact on your life.

Retail theft or shoplifting charges will raise a red flag at any job interview for the rest or your life. Your criminal record will label you as a “thief”, and many companies will decline an applicant with any crime of “moral turpitude”.

Ten years from now you’ll be interviewing for your dream job and the interviewer will ask “Why should I hire you if I can’t trust you?”

Can You Beat My Retail Theft Charges?

I have had a lot of success (especially for first time offensders) with getting these charges substantially reduced or outright dismissed. This protects my clients, while allowing the State of Pennsylvania to impose a consequence that is more in line with the nature of this offense.

Without my representation, those who simply go to court will usually plead “guilty” or “nolo contendere (no contest)” and walk out with a criminal conviction on their record. Don’t let one episode cost you for the rest of your life.

If you have been charged with retail theft in Philadelphia, call me for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. Let’s discuss what has happened and how we can work together to minimize the short and long-term effect this will have on your life.