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Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer presented to fellow lawyers on Offenses Under the Uniform Firearms Act on behalf of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) for their Criminal Law Symposium. The Uniform Firearms Act governs how people may possess, carry, transfer, use, manufacture, and sell guns in the State of Pennsylvania. You can catch the on-demand video here. The video is eligible for 1 substantive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit through The Legal Intelligencer's Best of 2022 Winner for Online CLE Provider and Continuing Legal Education Provider.

Philadelphia gun lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer has handled hundreds of gun cases for clients charged with the unlawful use and possession of a firearm. We have successfully beat gun cases allowing our clients to remain conviction free and keeping their right to own a gun. A gun conviction will prevent you from seeking and maintaining employment. Penalties for gun convictions include jail. You will be looking at a state prison sentence if charged with possession of a firearm without a permit. Do not risk your future. Avoid jail time. Contact gun lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer to discuss your gun charges now.

If you were arrested in Philadelphia for gun charges and a firearm was found in your vehicle, you are likely facing offenses under Sections 6106 and 6108 of the Uniform Firearms Act. These charges are commonly referred to as VUFA 6106 and VUFA 6108. VUFA 6106 means that you have been charged for carrying a firearm in Philadelphia without a valid license to carry that is recognized in Philadelphia. VUFA 6108 means that you have been charged for carrying a firearm in the streets of Philadelphia without a valid license to carry that is recognized in Philadelphia. The main difference between the two statutes are that 6106 requires "concealment" while 6108 does not. Additionally, VUFA 6108 is only charged when someone is arrested in Philadelphia. It is not applicable in any other county outside of Philadelphia.

Whether we can beat your gun case depends on whether the police were legally allowed to stop your vehicle for a violation of the Motor Vehicle Code, whether police prolonged the vehicle stop for unlawful reasons, and whether police lawfully recovered the firearm. If the police illegally searched your vehicle without a warrant or without a valid excuse for their failure to get the warrant, we will fight your case every step on the way. If you had a valid license to carry and your permit recently expired, we will request that the court dismiss the charges against you. Whether this is your first arrest or you've had prior police contacts, let top Philadelphia criminal defense gun lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer beat your gun charges. Call us now.

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