30 year prison sentence overturned on appeal

30 year prison sentence o…

A 30 year prison sentence for a client who was convicted of drug charges in Trenton, New Jersey was overturned by the New Jersey Appellate Division resulting in a new trial. A copy of the New Jersey Appellate Division Opinion can be read here.

New Jersey prosecutors alleged that Attorney Wimmer's client Imier Green engaged in two hand-to-hand sales of heroin on June 28, 2018 and that heroin recovered from a Bellevue Avenue residence was possessed by her client with the intent to distribute. All fact witnesses called at trial were police officers. Following a guilty verdict, the family felt it was time for a new lawyer and called Wimmer Criminal Defense Law.

Appeals lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer was hired by the family of Imier Green to fight his case after he received a long prison sentence for drug possession and drug distribution. Green would have been required to serve fifteen years before becoming eligible for parole. In New Jersey, defendants with two or more prior felony convictions may face extended terms of incarceration if found guilty of new criminal activity. You can read about his sentence here.

Appeals lawyer Lauren A. Wimmer wrote a persuasive brief urging the court to grant her client a new trial based on the errors in the testimony of the police officers. The court agreed and found that Green should receive a new trial due to the errors in police testimony. NJ.com covered the story. Attorney Wimmer wrote: "The credibility of the police officers in this case was dispositive of the jury’s verdict. The trial court permitted the State to elicit irrelevant testimony regarding each officer’s employment history to buttress their credibility. The court compounded this error by permitting the officers to offer a lay opinion that Defendant engaged in hand-to-hand drug sales of heroin on June 28, 2018. This testimony overstepped the boundaries of State v. McLean, 205 N.J. 438 (2011), and deprived Defendant of due process and a fair trial.

Prison sentences can be overturned. We have a record of success defending clients on appeal. If you have been convicted of drug offenses and are ready to appeal your criminal conviction, Contact Wimmer Criminal Defense for a consultation today at (215) 712-1212.

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