What is a PWID Drug Charge in Philadelphia

What is a PWID Drug Charg…

What is a PWID drug charge in Philadelphia and what are the potential consequences of these charges? Possession With the Intent to Deliver or PWID, often referred to as drug trafficking, is considered to be much more serious than other drug crimes such as possession. PWID charges are used in cases of drug manufacturing, the delivery of drugs (whether they are actually purchased or not) and possession of drugs or narcotics with the intent to deliver.

There is a big difference between possessing drugs and the intention to deliver or manufacture them under Pennsylvania law. Whenever Philadelphia police apprehend a party with a substantial amount of drugs and other items such as cash, paraphernalia, scales, baggies, weapons or other criminal tools they often immediately assume the intent to sell or distribute. Fortunately, the laws of Pennsylvania establish a high legal bar and burden of proof for the prosecution in these cases. It is one thing to possess drugs. It is quite another to intend to sell, distribute or deliver them. There is no specific quantity or amount of drugs established by Pennsylvania PWID laws. Therefore, regardless of the amount of drugs seized at the time of the arrest the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accused actually intended to “deliver” the drugs. The presence of cash and a firearm do not in and of themselves constitute the intention to commit drug trafficking or PWID.

If the drug sale or delivery was witnessed by police, informants or undercover agents the prosecution’s burden to prove the intent to deliver is removed. The testimony of the witness(es) regarding the actual transaction or deliver could be enough to get you convicted and sentenced to prison. Lauren Wimmer aggressively cross-examines all witnesses, exposing holes in their stories and timelines and in some cases establishing the act of entrapment. Entrapment occurs when police or undercover law enforcement convince an innocent person to help them sell drugs or locate dealers.

There is a lot of room for an aggressive defense of a PWID drug charge in Philadelphia and Wimmer Criminal Defense challenges the actions of law enforcement, evidence collection, the testimony of witnesses and the evidence itself to reduce the charges against our clients and ultimately the consequences they will face. Read the recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 215-712-1212 for a free consultation to learn more about our successful strategies to defend a PWID drug charge in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.