Top 10 Reasons To Hire a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer

Top 10 Reasons To Hire a…

There are countless reasons why you need a lawyer when you've been arrested in Philadelphia. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Philadelphia, your future could be at risk. Criminal trials and convictions can be a burden on your finances and time. Not only is there a possibility that you’ll serve time in jail, but you may also be subjected to hefty fines, loss of certain privileges, and mandatory community service.

A criminal conviction can impact your ability to continue your employment or find employment in the future. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can minimize the damage a criminal conviction may have on your life.

Accused of a crime? Here are our 10 reasons why hiring a criminal defense lawyer is in your best interest.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows Criminal Law

Lawyers have endured years of specialized schooling and training and must stay up-to-date on changes to the law. They have worked to not only familiarize themselves with federal and state laws but also apply those rules to different facts specific to each case while adhering to the rules of procedure and evidence. Lawyers understand precedent and case law and can compare facts of your case to those which have mandatory authority on the court that has jurisdiction over your case. An experienced criminal law attorney knows how to identify weak areas in your case and will look for ways that the law can be used to your advantage.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Understands Criminal Procedure and the Court Process

The legal system itself is complex and may prove difficult to understand, and criminal procedure has strict deadlines for actions such as filing motions and reaching plea agreements. There are federal and state rules which must be followed during the criminal court process, as well as local rules, which differ from court to court. An experienced criminal defense attorney will have a complete understanding of the federal, state, and local rules that must be followed in a criminal case and can help you better understand the process.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Offer Unbiased Opinions and Advice

It is not a criminal defense lawyer's job to provide you with false hope when facing a possible criminal conviction. A criminal defense lawyer will present you with the likely directions in which your case will go based on the facts and the laws applicable. She will give her honest and informed opinion about whether you should take a plea deal or provide your own testimony in court.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Help You Understand and Weigh Your Options

A criminal defendant may find themselves with several options and a decision to make that will affect how their case moves forward, including different charges or a plea deal offered by the prosecution. A criminal defense attorney can help you to understand what your possible sentence could be, including the maximum, and what evidence could be used against you if you choose to go to trial. She will also inform you of what a criminal charge could do to affect your future.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Provide Attention Personalized to Your Case

Many people who are charged with a crime may feel significant anxiety and feel as though there is nowhere to turn for help or advice. Criminal defense attorneys know what is at stake and understand the intense emotions that come with a criminal case. While a public defender may seem more affordable at the time you are convicted, he may not be capable of offering the distinctive and specific help you need due to the number of clients he is required to represent. A private attorney can provide you with the attention your case deserves and connect you with additional resources.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid the Maximum Sentences and Strictest Penalties

A criminal defense attorney can often present persuasive arguments to the court that results in more lenient sentencing or other sentencing alternatives such as community service and rehabilitation programs. In some instances, a criminal defense attorney can also work to have your criminal record expunged, so that future employers or agencies don't know that you were charged with a crime. Avoiding time in jail or having a charge dismissed or expunged can significantly help you to retain or gain employment and avoid missing out on life.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Save You Money Over Time

While it may seem as though the opposite is true, hiring a criminal defense attorney can result in lower costs to you in the long run. A criminal defense attorney will work to minimize the penalties you face, and the money spent on hiring a lawyer can be well worth it if you avoid a conviction entirely or obtain a more favorable plea agreement that you would have been able to get on your own.

A Criminal Defense Lawyers Knows Prosecutors’ Tactics and Strategies

Aside from the professional relationships built between prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys that may help during negotiations, experienced criminal defense attorneys know what tactics and strategies a prosecutor will use to persuade the court of your guilt. Your criminal defense attorney will be able to find weaknesses in the prosecutor's arguments and use those weaknesses to your advantage.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Act as a Shield Between You and Law Enforcement

Criminal defense lawyers know what law enforcement officers are allowed to do during an investigation and how to spot instances where they have infringed upon your rights. The experienced criminal defense lawyer will know when the evidence to be used against you has been obtained illegally by law enforcement and will show the court why such evidence should not be admitted. Additionally, a law enforcement officer who wishes to question you while you are represented cannot do so without your attorney present. This helps you to avoid giving answers which may work against you in court.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Has Investigative Resources to Help with Your Case

An established criminal defense lawyer will have investigative resources at her disposal, including expert witnesses and professionals. Additionally, an experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to efficiently comb through evidence and can use the evidence and the opinions of experts to strengthen your case.

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