Lauren Wimmer is the best, I was stopped in "New Jersey" with my registered permit, from Philly, and got hit with all kind of charges, and this was my first offense, me having no clue of what to do, I looked up Lauren, and boy was I happy I did, from the time I called her office, to the time we met Lauren made me feel very at ease, I told her what they were trying to do, I was looking at a 3-5 years, if they had it there way, but Lauren went into the court room with a "Iron Fist"..!! And had my back every step of the way..!! I went from looking at 3-5 to doing a 6 months program "No Jail Time" and no Record..!! And if it was not for Lauren Wimmer, I would have not been able to write this review or have not been home for the birth of my first child!! Lauren Wimmer I can't thank you enough..!!!