My mother obtained Lauren Wimmer to represent me in an assault case in 2017 after I was detained for 3 days. The assault charge was against my ex-husband who's a police officer. My mother told me she reached out to several other attorneys but no one would return her call, this was during holy week 2017, however she stated when she called Lauren she answered right away, long story short, Lauren was able to get me a court date during this holiday week, which my social worker at the woman correctional facility told me would be impossible, that it would take at least 30 days for a court date. After spending 7 days in the correctional facility we went to court and Lauren proved beyond a reasonable doubt that my ex husband was lying I was released from the facility immediately. When we went to court my ex got so caught up on the stand with lauren questioning he withdrew the charges. Lauren also represented in my violation of probation case, she went in front of the Judge and pleaded my case and the violation of probation charge was dismissed as well as probation from a previous case. Last but not least I contacted lauren in April 2021 regarding documents I needed for a job to prove my case was dismissed Lauren went out of her way to attempt to get those documents for me, she was unsuccessful obtaining the documents, however she did direct me to the proper channel to obtain the documentation. In my opinion Lauren Wimmer is a woman of her word, very empathetic, friendly and most of all professional. If you need a good attorney I would recommend Lauren Wimmer to anyone.