Can You Sue the Philadelp…

Can You Sue the Philadelphia Police Department for Injuries Sustained During Your Arrest?

Almost every day, it seems like there is another report concerning the use of excessive force by the police during an otherwise routine arrest. The police will argue that the victim was resisting or otherwise believed to be dangerous, but we know tha… Read More
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When is Police Force Cons…

When is Police Force Considered Excessive?

Your rights under the United States Constitution do not vanish when you are arrested or charged with a crime. Specifically, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the federal Constitution guarantee your rights to be free of unlawful searches and seizures… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Suing a Police Department

If you’ve been the victim of police brutality or other unlawful police action, it’s easy to feel helpless. After all, the very people who are supposed to protect you from harm are the ones who violated your rights. Fortunately, you may have optio… Read More
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