Recent Ruling from PA Sup…

Recent Ruling from PA Supreme Court Could Bring Serious Changes to How DUI Cases Are Handled

A recent ruling from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania could completely change the way DUI Cases are handled across Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia metro area. If you have pending DUI charges in Pennsylvania, you should contact a Philadelphia crimi… Read More
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Can I Get a DUI on a Bicy…

Can I Get a DUI on a Bicycle in Pennsylvania?

Most DUIs are the result of a simple mistake or an error in judgment, and as a result, most people are shocked to find themselves charged with DUI. This is particularly the case if you were charged with DUI while riding a bicycle – you may have… Read More
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How About a Little Hope f…

How About a Little Hope for a Monday Morning?  Criminal Charges Are Not a Game Ender

Criminal charges are not a game ender in Philadelphia. If you are facing criminal charges because of a DUI or fight or some other event that happened this weekend you may be really worried about what is going to happen to you and how much it’s goin… Read More
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