If You are a Suspect in a Murder or Homicide in Philadelphia You Need a Strong Criminal Defense Attorney

If You are a Suspect in a…

Are you a suspect in a murder or homicide in Philadelphia? Are you under investigation by police or detectives? You need to contact attorney Lauren Wimmer before speaking with law enforcement. Detectives investigating a homicide rely upon interviews with suspects to build their cases and provide key evidence to support a criminal conviction. As your attorney, I can help to protect you during these conversations and ensure that the police are held to the highest legal standards regarding their questioning and process. I can help to protect your rights and ensure that their skilled tactics don’t lead to the disclosure of information which will be used against you.

Murder and homicide charges in Philadelphia carry the most serious of consequences. Your life and your freedom are at stake. When you work with Lauren Wimmer, you can be confident that every conversation is protected by the attorney-client privilege. We will discuss all relevant facts, the charges or potential charges you face, and the best strategies to protect your short and long-term interests.

Lauren Wimmer challenges law enforcement at every step of the process. This includes the review of all discoverable evidence, witness statements, video, medical and physical evidence. Ms. Wimmer is an experienced criminal defense attorney with years of experience in murder cases as a former clerk in Philadelphia homicide court. These years of experience working alongside the judges who hear murder cases have allowed attorney Wimmer to gain insight into which arguments work, and which arguments don’t.

If you are accused of murder or homicide in Philadelphia there are many successful defenses which can result in an outright acquittal or a reduction in the charges you actually face, as well as the resulting consequences. Contact Wimmer Criminal Defense for a free consultation with an aggressive Philadelphia murder defense attorney at (215) 712-1212.