How About a Little Hope for a Monday Morning?  Criminal Charges Are Not a Game Ender

How About a Little Hope f…

Criminal charges are not a game ender in Philadelphia. If you are facing criminal charges because of a DUI or fight or some other event that happened this weekend you may be really worried about what is going to happen to you and how much it’s going to cost. My first advice is: take a breath. Philadelphia courts take a while to work through a criminal case, and there is a lot I can do to help you and affect what happens at each step along the way.

Call me right now for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. We will discuss what has happened and how cases like yours are typically handled. My clients usually feel much better after speaking with me and have peace of mind knowing what to expect, how the process works and genuine hope about what I will do to help.

If charges haven’t been filed yet, I can work with the District Attorney to discuss your situation and present additional information about what happened that will often result in lesser charges, or an outright dismissal. As an officer of the Court, I have access and the ability to present additional evidence about your case which you do not have on your own.

I will fight them on your behalf through each step of this process. Do you need to get out of jail? If you’re out on bail I work to keep you free on bail. It is important to understand the charges you actually face can be much different (and less) than what the police charged you with. The overall goal is to reduce any charges you may face or seek an outright dismissal, and keep the related consequences at an absolute minimum.

There is hope and it is important to know criminal charges are not a game ender in Philadelphia. It doesn’t cost you anything to call me for a free consultation at 215-712-1212 to discuss what has happened, what you are likely facing, and everything I can do to help you out. My fees are cost-effective and affordable, and I will work aggressively to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.