Restraining Orders in Cam…

Restraining Orders in Camden New Jersey: What You Need to Know

Recognizing the need to protect victims of domestic violence, New Jersey first adopted The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act back in 1982. The statute has been amended and updated several times since then, in order to broaden the protections it off… Read More
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Philadelphia Restraining…

Philadelphia Restraining Order PFA Lawyer

Can I Get a Restraining Order Against Someone Who is Not a Member of my Family or Household? A restraining order in Philadelphia is referred to as a Protection from Abuse Petition or PFA. Recognizing that abuse can anywhere, Pennsylvania has worked h… Read More
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Harassment and Stalking C…

Harassment and Stalking Charges are More Serious Than You Might Believe

If you or someone you love is charged with stalking or harassment you need to take immediate action and contact Wimmer Criminal Defense. Harassment and stalking charges are more serious than you might believe and carry significant consequences which… Read More
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