Drug Possession Charges in Philadelphia

Drug Possession Charges i…

Many underestimate the severity of drug possession charges in Philadelphia and the harsh consequences a defendant may face. Attorney Lauren Wimmer serves on the NORML legal committee and is committed to ensuring all those accused of drug possession in Philadelphia are treated with dignity and have the opportunity to mount an aggressive criminal defense.

In some cases involving drug possession charges in Philadelphia it may be possible to seek a diversionary solution which allows a first or second time offender to have the opportunity to work through a recovery or rehab program in place of a criminal trial. It may be possible to request the dismissal of charges or an expungement of associated records once a diversionary program is successfully completed.

One of the diversionary programs available in Philadelphia is SAM or Small Amount of Marijuana. The defendant must be arrested with less than 30 grams of marijuana to be eligible. The SAM program requires the defendant to attend a class about the criminal justice system and pay the required fees and court costs. Upon completion, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office withdraws the charges and the case is eligible for immediate expungement.

Those who face drug possession charges in Philadelphia as a repeat offender or who are accused of possessing a large quantity of narcotics, a controlled substance or prescription drugs face a system which may consider them to be a serious threat to the community at large. Wimmer Criminal Defense aggressively defends drug possession charges in Philadelphia while seeking dismissal of part or all of the charges in your case. You may face possession with the intent to deliver (PWID) charges when the underlying circumstances, evidence and testimony of witnesses suggest otherwise.

Lauren Wimmer thoroughly investigates every aspect of her client’s case. She looks for issues with the actions of police and law enforcement, the collection and testing of evidence, and allegations of intent regarding the use of “criminal tools” such as baggies, a scale, money or even your cell phone.

If you are seeking an aggressive and proven criminal defense attorney with strategies to successfully defend drug possession charges in Philadelphia we invite you to review the comments of our clients and contact us or call 215-712-1212 for a free consultation today.