Defending First Degree Murder Charges in Philadelphia

Defending First Degree Mu…

Defending first degree murder charges in Philadelphia requires an experienced criminal defense attorney with insight into the most effective arguments in these cases. First degree murder requires the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accused specifically intended to kill their victim. Without an effective defense, those accused of first degree murder charges face some of the most severe penalties available under Pennsylvania law.

Once a person has been charged with criminal homicide, time is of the essence. It is important for Wimmer Criminal Defense to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the scene, physical and medical evidence and to interview witnesses before a permanent “version” of what they saw becomes part of their testimony. Attorney Lauren Wimmer skillfully cross-examines witnesses for the prosecution seeking holes in their testimony or in the sequence of events laid out by the prosecution.

We aggressively challenge the prosecution at every possible step when defending first degree murder charges in Philadelphia or surrounding communities. Wimmer Criminal Defense seeks to weaken or disrupt the prosecutions ability to prove a specific intent to kill. If they are unable to reach this high legal bar, the prosecution must consider lesser homicide offenses including second degree murder, third degree murder or manslaughter.

Lauren Wimmer brings extensive experience working alongside the judges in Philadelphia’s homicide courts. She knows the strategies the prosecution will use in these cases and the arguments which have the highest probability of success to refute and defend first degree murder charges. The minimum sentence for a first degree murder conviction is life in prison without the chance for parole. If you or someone you love faces a serious homicide accusation you need an attorney with experience defending first degree murder charges in Philadelphia.

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