Defending Burglary and Robbery Charges Throughout Philadelphia

Defending Burglary and Ro…

If you face theft-related charges you need an attorney with extensive skill and experience defending burglary and robbery charges throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. You may not have realized that it was possible to be charged with burglary if nothing was reportedly stolen. Pennsylvania law allows prosecutors to seek a burglary conviction if one enters a structure with the intent to commit any crime. The circumstances to do not require the presence of theft. Burglary offenses are a serious felony in Pennsylvania. The charges and resulting consequences increase if anyone was inside the structure or if the building in question was a residence.

Robbery is charged whenever force, the threat of force, or a weapon are involved in a theft. Robbery is also charged when a serious bodily injury occurs during a theft. The consequences associated with a robbery conviction are quite severe, especially if the theft involved a firearm or motor vehicle.

Defending burglary and robbery charges throughout Philadelphia requires legal skill, expertise and experience. Lauren Wimmer is an aggressive and proven Philadelphia burglary and robbery defense attorney. She aggressively represents her clients seeking to reduce the charges and consequences they face or to seek a dismissal or acquittal in their case. Wimmer Criminal Defense Law challenges the actions of law enforcement and investigators at every step. We thoroughly investigate and examine all physical and medical evidence, as well as the circumstances surrounding the events in question.

If you or someone you love is facing burglary or robbery charges, the consequences in terms of heavy fines and prison time can be overwhelming. Lauren Wimmer can make a difference in your case. We invite you to review the recommendations of former clients and contact us or call (215) 712-1212 for a free consultation today. Learn how we will aggressively fight to reduce or eliminate the charges against you, and all we can do to achieve a much better outcome than you could accomplish on your own.