Achieving Successful Results in a Philadelphia Homicide Case

Achieving Successful Resu…

Homicide charges can carry the most severe consequences specified by Pennsylvania law. If you are accused of murder you need an attorney with a proven record of achieving successful results in a Philadelphia homicide case to level the playing field and achieve a better outcome in your case. Wimmer Criminal Defense aggressively defends those accused of criminal homicide or murder in Philadelphia. We work to reduce the charges you actually face as well as the associated consequences.

Lauren Wimmer worked alongside prosecutors and Philadelphia judges in Philadelphia’s homicide court for years. This experience provides valuable insight in her work as a criminal defense attorney. She understands the strategies of the prosecution and how to find the holes in their case and the underlying evidence. She will challenge the process and actions of police, detectives, evidence technicians and the lab as well as the physical and medical evidence whenever possible. She knows the arguments which provide the best opportunity for achieving successful results in a Philadelphia homicide case and cares passionately about protecting the rights and interests of her clients.

Prosecutors attempt to file the most aggressive murder charges possible in every homicide case. When our client is absolutely not guilty, Lauren Wimmer will put the case before a jury and seek an acquittal. In other cases, our clients goal is to reduce the consequences in their case. Wimmer Criminal Defense works tirelessly to challenge the prosecution at every step to weaken their position and lessen the actual charges you may face. We work to remove the threat of the loss of your life or reduce the amount of time imposed at the time of sentencing.

We invite you to review the recommendation of our clients and contact Lauren Wimmer or call for a free consultation at 215-712-1212. Achieving successful results in a Philadelphia homicide case requires legal skill, experience and hard work. Lauren Wimmer is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will stand up for you and seek the best possible outcome in your case.

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