A Homicide Which Occurs During a Felony is Considered to be a Second Degree Murder

A Homicide Which Occurs D…

A homicide which occurs during a felony will almost always result in criminal homicide charges of second degree murder. A person accused of second degree murder may not have planned to commit a homicide during the commission of a felony such as robbery, kidnapping, rape or arson. However, when a homicide occurs during the course of a felony, the person who is charged with the homicide as well as any accomplices or co-conspirators will face second degree murder charges.

The prosecution in Philadelphia is very aggressive in pursuing all those who were associated with the alleged felony. The prosecution will not only seek to charge those who were present, they will seek anyone who transported or went along with the alleged felon to the scene of the crime or aided in their escape.

A homicide which occurs during a felony still requires the prosecution to prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Lauren Wimmer works to aggressively challenge the prosecution’s version of events and investigates the evidence and witnesses associated with the alleged offense. In some cases, the homicide was actually a reasonable act of self-defense or may involve another affirmative defense such as coercion or mental health issues.

There is a lot Wimmer Criminal Defense can do to aggressively defend those who are charged with criminal homicide resulting in a reduction of the charges or a lighter sentence. Time is a crucial element in these cases. It is important to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the prosecutions case and to skillfully cross-examine potential witnesses. A homicide which occurs during a felony carries the risk of severe consequences. You need a proven Philadelphia homicide defense attorney who will stand up for you and mount a substantial and effective defense.

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